Understanding the Difference Between Queensland WorkCover Statutory Claims and Common Law Claims

Accidents and injuries can disrupt one’s life, causing physical, emotional, and financial challenges. In Queensland, Australia, individuals who sustain injuries at the workplace are entitled to compensation through the Queensland workers’ compensation system. Two primary avenues for seeking compensation are WorkCover statutory claims and common law claims. While both are designed to provide support to … Read more

Eustace v Dubrava & Anor [2023] QDC 100

Facts:In August 2017, the plaintiff came to a stop behind several cars at a red traffic light intersection. The first defendant moved her car forward and collided with the back of the plaintiff’s vehicle. Decision:The court ruled a total of $12,966.90 compensation for the plaintiff’s damages. Ratio:The plaintiff claimed that the accident caused a permanent … Read more

What are the steps for a Motor Vehicle Accident CTP Claim?

According to Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994, individuals who can prove their injuries were caused by another person’s negligence may be eligible to claim compensation. Please note you have up to three years from when the accident occurred to make the claim which means any claim made after 3 years of the subject accident will … Read more

What can be claimed from a CTP insurer?

Generally speaking, there are a few heads of damages you can claim pursuant to Civil Liability Act 2003 and Civil Liability Regulation 2014:- This article will briefly talk about what does each head of damages mean and the methodology the court uses to calculate the compensation amount. General damages ‘General damages’ refers to compensation for … Read more

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