Case Summary: Hariharan v Vojtisek & Anor [2020] QDC 276

Court: District Court of QueenslandCitation: Hariharan v Vojtisek & Anor [2020] QDC 276Parties: Balasubramanyam Hariharan (Plaintiff) v Evelyn Jane Vojtisek (First Defendant) and Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Second Defendant)Judge: Kent QC DCJDate of Judgment: 30 October 2020Hearing Date: 28-29 September 2020Outcome: Judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $269,840.64 Background The case involves a … Read more

The Impact of Social Media on Personal Injury Cases

In the age of digital communication, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have become integral parts of our daily lives. While these platforms offer unparalleled opportunities for connection and expression, they also present unique challenges and implications for legal matters, particularly personal injury cases. Understanding the impact of social media on these cases … Read more

Understanding the Difference: Compulsory Third Party Insurance vs Comprehensive Third Party Insurance

Let’s dive into the world of car insurance and unravel the distinctions between Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance and Comprehensive Third Party Insurance. Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance: CTP is a mandatory insurance that provides coverage for injuries caused to third parties in a motor vehicle accident. It’s a legal requirement for all registered vehicles … Read more

Eustace v Dubrava & Anor [2023] QDC 100

Facts:In August 2017, the plaintiff came to a stop behind several cars at a red traffic light intersection. The first defendant moved her car forward and collided with the back of the plaintiff’s vehicle. Decision:The court ruled a total of $12,966.90 compensation for the plaintiff’s damages. Ratio:The plaintiff claimed that the accident caused a permanent … Read more


隨著現代社會的發展,人們對自己的安全和保障越來越關注。在昆士蘭,車輛第三者責任險(CTP)是一項重要的保險制度,為車輛駕駛者提供了一定的保障和權益。本文將對昆士蘭CTP保險權益進行解讀,幫助讀者更好地理解和使用該項保險。 首先,我們需要了解CTP保險的基本概念。CTP保險是昆士蘭州法律規定的強制保險,旨在為車輛駕駛者提供對第三者的責任保障。這意味著,如果您在駕駛過程中不慎造成他人人身傷害,CTP保險將為您支付相應的賠償費用。 在昆士蘭,CTP保險的權益包括兩個主要方面:第三者責任和人身傷害賠償。 第三者責任是CTP保險的核心內容之一。如果您的駕駛行為導致他人人身傷害,CTP保險將為您支付相應的賠償費用,包括受傷人士的醫療費用和康復費用。這項權益確保了受傷或受損者能夠得到及時的賠償和照顧。 另一個重要的權益是人身傷害賠償。如果您作為駕駛者在交通事故中受傷,CTP保險將提供一定程度的經濟援助,以幫助您應對醫療費用、康復費用、失去收入等方面的負擔。這項權益對於受傷駕駛者來說至關重要,能夠為他們提供經濟支持和穩定。 此外,CTP保險還包括對無法確定責任的事故的覆蓋。有時候,在交通事故中很難確定誰應該負責,這可能導致賠償問題的複雜性。昆士蘭的CTP保險覆蓋了這種情況,確保受害者都能夠得到應有的賠償。 要獲得CTP保險的權益,駕駛者需要購買有效的CTP保險政策。在昆士蘭,CTP保險通常包含在車輛註冊費用中,因此在註冊車輛時,您會自動獲得CTP保險的權益。 最後,我們需要明確的是,CTP保險並不包括車輛損壞的賠償。這意味著如果您的車輛在交通事故中受損,CTP保險不會為您支付修理費用或車輛替換費用。為了保障車輛本身的安全和保障,您需要購買額外的車輛保險,如全保險或第三者車輛保險。 總而言之,昆士蘭的CTP保險是一項重要的保險制度,為車輛駕駛者提供了一定的保障和權益。它包括第三者責任和人身傷害賠償,覆蓋了無法確定責任的事故,但不包括車輛損壞的賠償。為了獲得CTP保險的權益,駕駛者需要購買有效的CTP保險政策。在選擇保險公司時,需要確保其得到昆士蘭州政府的批准,並符合相關的法律規定。同時,為了車輛本身的保障,您還需要購買額外的車輛保險。 保險是一項重要的保障措施,為我們在不可預測的交通事故中提供了一定的安全和經濟支持。因此,我們應該認真對待CTP保險,並確保自己和他人的安全。

What are the steps for a Motor Vehicle Accident CTP Claim?

According to Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994, individuals who can prove their injuries were caused by another person’s negligence may be eligible to claim compensation. Please note you have up to three years from when the accident occurred to make the claim which means any claim made after 3 years of the subject accident will … Read more

What can be claimed from a CTP insurer?

Generally speaking, there are a few heads of damages you can claim pursuant to Civil Liability Act 2003 and Civil Liability Regulation 2014:- This article will briefly talk about what does each head of damages mean and the methodology the court uses to calculate the compensation amount. General damages ‘General damages’ refers to compensation for … Read more

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